Weapon Forms of Hung Ga


Hang Yuet Dan Dao – Moon Flowing Single Broadsword

The first weapon in the system accustoms the student to using an object as an extension of the body. The form teaches grace and agility and many techniques that can be used when fighting opponents with long range weapons, such as a pole or spear.

Seung Pao Gwan – Double Cannon Pole

The double-ended or short pole form contains many techniques and movements from the other weapon forms. This is arguably the most practical weapon, as short stick-like objects are often readily at hand and not as intrinsically lethal as knives or swords. It teaches the student to coordinate both arms to generate more power than a single arm will (upper-body connection) and improves the power at the waist. Body connection, or the ability to coordinate the upper- and lower-body movements, is improved with this form, though it becomes much more developed when training the long pole.

Ng Lung Ba Gwa Gwan – Fifth Brother Eight Diagram Pole

This set was famously used by Wong Fei Hung to defeat another master at a very young age. It lays the foundation of all the long-range weapons in the style. The long pole is often called the single-ended pole as many of the techniques were derived from the spear form of the Sung Dynasty Yang Family by the fifth brother: he cut off his spear to become a pole when he became ordained as a monk. The link between the movements of the upper body and lower body is greatly strengthened here, contributing to the devastating power that is so well-known in Hung Ga techniques.

 Ji Mo Seung Dao РMother Son Double Swords

This form teaches the student to separate the action of each arm, whilst still working together (like mother and son – hence the name). They are also known as “Butterfly Knives”. It teaches threading and quick steps as the knives are very short-range: the practitioner must close the distance with the opponent very fast.

Ng Lung Ba Gwa Cheung – Fifth Brother Eight Diagram Spear

This form is the root of the Fifth Brother Eight Diagram Pole. The weapon is lighter and faster, however, and emphasizes piercing and slashing. Known as the ‘King of Weapons”, the spear form incorporates techniques used in military formations as well as single individual techniques.

Chuen Choy Dai Dao – Spring Autumn Great Sword

The famous “Gwan Dao” used by General Gwan, seen on many modern day altars. This long-handled heavy weapon¬†concentrates on large strong movements while cutting and thrusting. Practising this form strengthens the entire body.

Yu Ga Dai Pa – Yu Family Great Fork

The Tiger Fork is a long handled trident originally used to hunt tigers. Practitioners of this weapon become unusually strong and quick, as this weapon is heavy and difficult to manoeuvre.

Ngauh Gwat Sin – Beef Bone Fan

This form was created by our Great Grandmaster Tang Fung. It utilizes close-range concealed techniques, locks, and pressure point strikes to disable an armed or unarmed opponent.