Traditional Lion Dance

Southern China Lion Dance. Book a performance and join the team!

Traditional Lion Dance Training

The Lion Dance from South China and Hong Kong is characterised by its strong movements and martial attitude. The lion comprises two people, the head and the tail, and requires great skill to move in a lifelike manner. No two lion dance performances should ever be the same and yet the musicians and the lion must work together seamlessly.

The Lion Dance is most often seen in Chinese New Year celebrations, where it can visit stores and restaurants to give good luck to the businesses for the year to come. Lions are also sometimes used for opening ceremonies for new businesses, weddings and even for moving into a new house! Traditionally, the Lion Dance was something that the Kung Fu school would provide for the community to which it belonged.

Training for Lion Dance involves learning patterns as well as improvisations, percussion instruments (drum, gong, cymbals), and some acrobatics. The training compliments our martial training very well as it develops a firm foundation as well as explosive movements from the upper body.