Grading System

Kung Fu School Wall


Gradings are carried out once or twice a year. Students are tested in a variety of ways including: performance of a form, knowledge of a form’s applications and training purpose, Cantonese terminology, Chinese philosophy, sparring, and  horse stance.

All students wear a black sash as part of the regular uniform, every new level (two tests) allows the student to sew on one red stripe until the Jo Gow level (four tests) is reached. The Jo Gow sash is a black with a red border on all four sides. The levels and corresponding forms are:

  • Yat Cup Junior: Gung Ji Kuen
  • Yat Cup Senior: Fook Fu Kuen
  • Yee Cup Junior: Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen
  • Yee Cup Senior: Hang Yuet Dan Dao
  • Saam Cup Junior: Ng Ying Kuen
  • Saam Cup  Senior: Ng Lung Ba Gwa Gwan
  • Jo Gow I: Ji Mo Seung Dao
  • Jo Gow II: Ng Lung Ba Gwa Cheung
  • Jo Gow III: Chuen Choy Dai Dao
  • Jo Gow IV: Yu Ga Dai Pa


Each form develops different aspects of the practitioner’s movement and strength. The weapon forms not only teach the usage of the weapon but add greatly to the practitioner’s skill with hand techniques. The system has been put together with great care and thought, to lead the student from basic foundations to advanced movements and concepts. The forms are studied in the following order:

  • Gung Ji Kuen – “I” Pattern Fist
  • Fook Fu Kuen – Taming Tiger Fist
  • Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen – Tiger Crane Double Pattern Fist
  • Hang Yuet Dan Dao – Moon Flowing Single Broadsword
  • Seung Pao Gwan – Double Cannon Pole
  • Ng Ying Kuen – Five Animal Fist
  • Ng Lung Ba Gwa Gwan – Fifth Brother Eight Diagram Pole
  • Ji Mo Seung Dao – Mother Son Twin Swords
  • Ng Lung Ba Gwa Cheung – Fifth Brother Eight Diagram Spear
  • Chuen Choy Dai Do – Spring Autumn Great Knife
  • Yu Ga Dai Pa – Yu Family Tiger Fork

More information about the forms can be found on the Hand Forms and Weapon Forms pages.

In addition to the main system, the following forms are also taught:

  • Tiet Sing Kuen – Iron Wire Form
  • Dat Mo Yit Gung Ging – Dat Mo Muscle Changing Classic
  • Ngauh Gwat Sin – Beef Bone Fan