Frequently Asked Questions


Can I just turn up?

Yes! Please feel free to come and try any of our 19:30 classes, although only Mondays are specifically for beginners. No need to book in advance!

What do I bring?

Wear comfortable training clothes, allowing free movement: loose comfortable trousers or shorts, a T-shirt, and trainers.

Do I need to be fit?

No! You will get fit, and there is a range of abilities and fitness levels in the class.

Do I need to be flexible?

No. Flexibility is important for health, and we naturally become more flexible when we exercise. We practice a few stretches but we do not focus on flexibility. We do not use high kicks and we do not need to be able to do the splits!

Am I too old?

No. Its never too late to start. It may be too late to become the next Wong Fei Hung, but you will benefit in many ways from our training!