Facebook Comments From 2013

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Facebook Comments From 2013

Here is a selection of comments people have left about Yee’s Hung Ga Edinburgh during 2013:

Hi, guys! I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone for the support during a very exciting year and especially to Sifu for teaching and inspiring us. Have a lovely Christmas and great New Year! See you in 2014!

You know you’ve been to a kung fu seminar if: you’re utterly exhausted and completely happy. Thank you, Sifu!

Had to be THE BEST sparring class yet! 5 elements drill followed by sparring which perfectly balanced challenge with comfort. I feel like I’ve learned tonnes. Thanks Sifu.

Being back at training today was sooooooo good!

Whatever, these two weeks spent in Scotland were just awesome even if I didn’t find a job yet. I really improve my skill in kung fu, so I want to say thanks to Sifu but also to anyone who taught me something during these two weeks. I also really appreciated to see again people I already knew and to meet other awesome people I didn’t know before.

I just wanted to say how awesome Friday class was, really useful and fun, too!

I don’t know if I will find a job but I know one thing: it will be a pleasure to come at the school to practice with you.

I LOVED the sparring last night. So great to have all the old aches and pains back again.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for making the school what it is.

Awesome Class on Friday!

Ah, kung fu today made the world right as rain again! Have now got over my fear and am stepping in and staying there rather than backing off. Next is to use some more effective techniques!! … Oh, and lets not forget a whopping great horse stance today!!!

I loved loved loved sparring slowly! Don’t know if I did it any right, but I loved it!

Kung Fu fighting @ Yee’s Hung Ga Edinburgh Kung Fu.. Highly recommend it to everyone.

We would like to say a HUGE thanks to the School for performing at our Club Night, Such a fantastic display and was enjoyed thoroughly by everyone here!!

Thank you very much, it was a very enjoyable afternoon. I really like your school very seriously and great spirit of kungFu.

Since the 1:1 lesson with Sifu, not only do I feel a lot more confident about kung fu but seem to be in a better mindset overall. Being part of this community really makes such a difference.