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The Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy offers the complete martial system of Hung Ga Kung Fu, an authentic martial art that can be traced back to the Shaolin Temple in Southern China.

Regular training includes self-defence, fitness, hand forms, weapon forms, lion dance, qi gong, and body conditioning.

Although known for its devastating and powerful close-range techniques, and its utilization of the 5 animals and 5 elements of traditional Shaolin philosophy, this system offers mental and spiritual growth achieved through rigorous internal and external training, proven life management philosophies and silent introspection.


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Latest in Hung Ga Kung Fu News

  1. Edinburgh Promotions

    Tests this Summer saw many students achieve new rank:

    • 10 new Yat Cup Juniors
    • 5 new Yat Cup Seniors
    • 6 new Yee Cup Juniors
    • 9 new Yee Cup Seniors
    • 3 new Saam Cup Seniors

    Well done everyone.

    Congratulations especially to Hannah Dawson for achieving the rank of Jo Gow (black belt)!

  2. Why do we bow?

    We bow to the room when we enter it, we bow to the ancestors when we cross the line into the training space, we bow to our sifu when we enter or exit their awareness. We bow to each other when we encounter each other. Why do we do it? Continue Reading: Why do we bow?…

  3. Training in China

    Had a great trip to Taishan thanks to Si Tai Gung and Ah-Yong. Learnt a lot, as well having visits from Jim Hammond, Angie Bual and Theo Barrett. Thanks to Jamie Robertson and Hannah Dawson for looking after the school!

    See photos in the Facebook album.

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